Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may have about thisCrowd.

Who is creating thisCrowd?

A guy named Robert Mena. I just want people to use it and enjoy it. Hopefully this can be done one day soon.

Who should be using thisCrowd?

thisCrowd is created for people or companies that have a variety of ways of being contacted and an online presence with different apps. It makes things easier for people to find them in one place.

Is thisCrowd safe?

We take precautions to secure our data and put in place privacy settings for our users discretion.

How can I contact thisCrowd?

You can follow us on our app profile thisCrowd or you can visit our contact page here. Contact Us

I can't get into my account, what can I do?

This does happen often for a variety of different reasons. First thing you should do is visit the lost user or password link on the app. It should be located on the login page. If this does not work please visit our contact page and explain everything in detail.

Why should I use thisCrowd?

It's easier for people to see what you really are about in one app. Instead of listing everything individually, just create a thisCrowd profile and use it as a one stop shop. Make life easier for everyone.

How can I delete my account?

Login into the app and click on the settings link. You will see Delete my account.

What is your privacy and user agreement policies?

We take this serious and try to make our users priority. You can read our Privacy and Agreement Here.

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